More Than Clinical Knowledge

We are inspired by something even greater than medical expertise or awards and accolades. Our people are inspired by people – our patients, families, community members, and colleagues. We’re on a mission to restore lives, heal communities, and share God’s love. Join us in any of these positions, or search all of our job openings

RN, Employee Health Supervisor at Adventist Health Glendale 

We are looking for an RN Employee Health Supervisor to consistently be in tune with all things related to health services and compensation. In this role, you will help design controls for injury prevention, collaborate across teams, educate leadership and staff, and more. Learn more: 

RN, Labor & Delivery (All Locations) 

Our experienced Labor & Delivery team provides the best care to our new moms. We listen to our patients in the same way that we listen to our colleagues – with genuine care. Have access to the latest technology and work with a supportive team as a Labor & Delivery RN. Learn more.

RN, Operating Room (All Locations) 

At all four of our renowned medical centers, our Operating Room RNs are a crucial part of our surgical teams. Help the team and patients prepare for each procedure and assist during. Grow your skills and your nursing career. Learn more. 

Clinical Lab Scientist at Adventist Health White Memorial 

It takes patience and an eye for detail to work as a Clinical Lab Scientist. In this role, you’ll help perform a variety of clinical lab tests and evaluate and document each one. Train and supervise as needed. Learn more.



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Careers with Heart



At Adventist Health here in the Southern California Region, we know that true healing goes far beyond physical care. In order for a person to experience whole restoration, we have to care for their body, mind, and spirit as well. That kind of care requires more than our expertise, but our compassion and kindness as well. In order to provide that level of care, we work with purpose – to live God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness, and hope. Join us in one of these open positions, or explore all of our career opportunities

RN, ICU (night shift) at Adventist Health Simi Valley 

Our nurses who work nights in the ICU at Adventist Health Simi Valley provide focus and stamina where it’s needed most. Discover the value you can bring to our team, patients, and community. Learn more

RN, Emergency Department (night shift) at Adventist Health White Memorial: 

As an ED RN, you’re no stranger to chaos. In fact, you thrive in it. We’re looking for passionate RNs like you to join the night shift at Adventist Health White Memorial, where you can earn up to an $8K sign-on bonus. Learn more

RN, Vascular Lab at Adventist Health White Memorial 

We’re hiring patient, attentive RNs to provide compassionate care to our vascular lab patients at Adventist Health White Memorial. Make a difference in the lives of our patients and earn up to a $12K sign-on bonus. Learn more

RN, Labor & Delivery (night shift) at Adventist Health Simi Valley 

Be a trusted source of information, advice, support, and guidance to soon-to-be and new moms. Join our team as an RN in our Labor & Delivery unit at Adventist Health Simi Valley. Learn more

Speech Pathologist, Child Development Center at Adventist Health Simi Valley 

As a speech pathologist in our Child Development Center at Adventist Health Simi Valley, you can help develop the communication skills and confidence of the children we serve. Learn more

Join Us On a Rewarding Journey

Welcome to the Adventist Health Southern California Region. With four award-winning hospitals – Glendale, Bakersfield, Simi Valley, and White Memorial – we provide care to thousands of people. Our people share more than medical expertise. They share a spirit of service. Learn more about our open positions and start a meaningful career with us.

RN, ICU (night shift) at Adventist Health Simi Valley

As an ICU RN, you can become a trusted advocate for families who are unable to be with their loved ones in the ICU overnight. Partner with the patient, family members, and healthcare providers to provide healing care. Learn more

RN, Labor & Delivery (night shift) at Adventist Health Simi Valley

When you join our Adventist Health Simi Valley Labor & Delivery team, you become a part of a passionate group of professionals. We provide whole-person care to expectant and new mothers and their smallest bundles of joy. Learn more.

RN, Surgery at Adventist Health Simi Valley Registered Nurse

As an RN on our Simi Valley surgical team, you care for patients before, during, and after surgery. As someone who cares deeply about a patient’s ability to heal, you can help to create the very environment that supports their full recovery. Learn more.

RN, Emergency Department (night shift) at Adventist Health White Memorial

Find genuine camaraderie on the Adventist Health White Memorial Emergency Department team. Apply now and you can qualify for up to an $8K sign-on bonus. Learn more.



Spring into New Career Opportunities

At Adventist Health System, we’re united by a commitment to provide whole-person care to those we serve. As a team, we share compassion and a spirit of service with one another and with our patients. If you’re looking to join a team where you can use your gifts and passion to serve others, you have a place here. Search our jobs or get to know some of the job opportunities we have available today.

Speech Pathologist at Adventist Health Simi Valley
Our Speech Pathologists assess, evaluate and plan services for patients with communication, cognitive and swallowing disorders. You’ll fit right in as someone passionate about education and the healing power of whole-person care. We require a Bachelor’s Degree but prefer a Master’s. Learn more.

ICU RN at Adventist Health Simi Valley
Often, to an ICU patient’s family, a trusted presence and encouraging words can provide much-needed assurance during a difficult time. Be that and more as a night ICU RN at Adventist Health Simi Valley. Learn more.

RN, Surgical Specialist at Adventist Health White Memorial
Join our Adventist Health White Memorial team as an RN, Surgical Specialist. These team members specialize in the unique needs of our surgical department, collect and analyze patient data, and work closely with patients, families, and other team members. Potential to earn up to a $12K sign-on bonus. Learn more.



AH Southern California Offering Nurses up to $12K in Sign-On Bonuses!

Do you have at least one year of experience as a Nurse in ICU or the Emergency Department? You could be eligible for up to a $12K sign-on bonus at Adventist Health Glendale! Apply Today!

We also have great opportunities and benefits for Specialty Nurses in Cath Lab, Periop and Labor & Delivery. Adventist Health White Memorial is offering up to a $12K sign-on bonus if you have at least one year of experience in your specialty. Apply Today!

For additional information, please e-mail

Our ability to provide excellent patient care comes from our deep commitment to each other. We consistently support and inspire each other to achieve our absolute best. Through our dedication to shared governance, we take responsibility for continually elevating our nursing practice and our quality of care. As an organization, we foster an environment where people are able to serve others and experience the joy of seeing once critically ill patients go home. 



Adventist Health’s Healing Heritage: An Integration of Faith and Healing

Our commitment to quality healthcare is rooted in our heritage, which dates back to 1866 when the first Seventh-day Adventist healthcare facility opened in Battle Creek, Michigan. These were dedicated pioneers promoted the at-the-time radical concepts of proper nutrition, exercise, and sanitation.

More than a century later, this healthcare system is sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist church spans the globe with more than 160 hospitals and nearly 500 clinics, nursing homes and dispensaries worldwide. All along, holding to the same vision of treating the whole person-mind, body, and spirit.

Originally, Adventist medical centers were governed by regional church leadership. As healthcare grows more complex, it became apparent specialized expertise was needed. In 1972, the church authorized centralized control and operations of its healthcare instituitions at the multistate level. A year later, regional divisions were formed based on the church’s infrastructure, known as the North Pacific Union as Northwest Medical Foundation and in the Pacific Union as Adventist Health Services. In 1980, the two entities joined to form Adventist Health System/West, now known simply as Adventist Health.

We owe much of our heritage and organizational success to the Seventh-day Adventist Church, which has long been a promoter of prevention and whole-person care. Inspired by our belief in the loving and healing power of Jesus Christ, we aim to bring physical, mental and spiritual health and healing to our neighbors of all faiths.

Every individual, regardless of personal beliefs, is welcome in our facilities. We are also eager to partner with members of other faiths to enhance the health of the communities we serve.

While Adventist Health’s holdings are based solely on the West Coast and in Hawaii, Seventh-day Adventist healthcare spans the entire United States and dates back to 1866.


There’s so much going on here. There’s never a dull moment.

There’s so much going on here. There’s never a dull moment.

Adventist Health Glendale Partners with Pfizer on Innovative Drug Research!

Adventist Health Glendale’s Office of Integrated Research (OIR) partners with pharmaceutical companies to bring cutting-edge treatments to our community! Principal investigators are local AHGL physicians who work with the OIR and together they make up the research team. The research team is dedicated to improving the health of our community through excellence in innovative clinical research and providing promising new treatments that would otherwise not be widely available to the public.

Currently, the research team is working on upcoming oncology studies that have the potential to change the way that certain types of cancer are treated. We have partnered with Pfizer for a Triple Negative Breast Cancer study that uniquely offers targeted therapy and free tumor DNA testing. This study, called the NEOTALA Study, offers a once-a-day oral drug prior to surgery which might reduce tumor size and slow tumor growth. You can learn more on

There are two studies on the horizon, that are treatments for non-small cell lung cancer. These two studies offer a novel immunotherapy agent that will enhance the immune system to help fight cancer cells. This treatment is part of a new wave of “Precision Medicine” which will offer patients more customized care based on their genes and history.

These are advanced protocols not widely available in our market. Patients enrolled in clinical trials will meet with a study doctor on the AHGL campus and may qualify for study-related procedures and treatment at no cost. Patients enrolling in clinical trials at AHGL are encouraged to maintain their relationship with their primary oncologist, reducing the need to travel to far away facilities for cancer treatments. We’re excited to see where our research takes us!



Congratulations to Stella Riddel, Leader of the Quarter at Adventist Health Simi Valley!

Stella Riddell was presented with the Leader of the Quarter award during our October Leadership meeting. Stella was chosen for this honor because she stays cool, calm and collected in the face of difficult situations, and she has raised the bar for expectations of clinical excellence. Leading a variety of specialties with a fluctuating number of employees comes with its own set of issues, but that’s no problem for Stella! She seeks out her colleagues when it’s time to problem solve. Stella is a welcome addition to the Leadership team at Adventist Health Simi Valley.

Congratulations, Stella, for being an outstanding leader at Adventist Health Simi Valley!



Nurse Leader Spotlight: Meet Tanya from Adventist Health White Memorial!

Meet Tanya! She’s the RN Residency Program Manager at Adventist Health White Memorial Hospital, and she manages the Relias Applications. She is also a Nurse Leader at White Memorial. We recently grabbed a few minutes of Tanya’s time to learn more about her experience working at Adventist:

My favorite thing about Adventist Health White Memorial is…

The people!  I am grateful for the guidance, mentorship, and friendship!  The people at AHWM have been part of my nursing journey and I am thankful to all who have left a footprint in my heart!

My favorite workplace memory is…

The opportunity to provide resources to our community through the Pediatric Resuscitation Manual and Broselow cart that is used around the house, the pediatric distraction room, and the relationships that have grown through my time here both with staff and patients/families in the emergency department and education/training.

My Birthday is: December 2

My Favorite Quotes:

“Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, you can’t begin to explore your possibilities.” – Tim Fargo

“The Lord is my strength and my shield.” – Psalm 28:7

My Strengths are:






Something you may not know about me is…

I love nature! The outdoors and anything water! My happiest place is snorkeling in the open ocean surrounded by turtles and fishes! And when the budget cannot support my travels I head to Whittier Narrows Park and appreciate the trees and lake!

Tanya brings so much joy to her role with us and it was a delight learning more about her. We’re proud to call Tanya a member of the Adventist Health family!



Adventist Health White Memorial Mission Trip to Armenia

We’re invested in our communities health, but we know that we’re all God’s children. That is why our staff goes on mission trips around the world – so we can serve other communities and spread Adventist Health’s message around the world. Learn about our recent trip Mission Trip to Armenia in this letter written by the President of Adventist Health White Memorial, John Raffoul:

Hi Folks,

I just got back from a mission trip to Armenia. Several of our physicians and associates joined me as well. It was a wonderful trip that included two sites. A team went to Noyemberyan where they delivered care to over 1,455 patients and conducted 50 major surgeries. The second team, which I was part of, proceeded to Stepanakert where we conducted over 250 major surgeries and visited three outlying villages and conducted clinics. We were able to see over 308 patients in these villages and deliver much needed medical care. Special thanks to Drs. Laurence and Mary Spencer-Smith who worked tirelessly from morning to night to serve the people of Armenia. Also, thanks to Dr. Sam Loh, Dr. Sarkis Kiramijian and Dr. Simon Keushkerian as well as our chaplain Edgar Urbina, Becky Berberian, Meri Edjhuryan, Pui Yi Tam, and Henrik Yaghoobian. Everyone worked very hard and made a huge difference in the lives of the people who needed medical care very desperately.

Our team included 70 people from Adventist Health Glendale, Adventist Health White Memorial, Chevy Chase Surgery Center, PIH, Providence St. Joseph, Beverly Hospital and several other institutions. The trip was very successful and the impact was felt throughout the country from Yerevan to Artsakh. This trip was sponsored by Adventist Health Southern California. Adventist Health Glendale was the lead institution on this trip as they have been going to Armenia for several years.

I feel very fortunate to work with such a dedicated group of individuals who give selflessly of their talents and resources to help those who are less fortunate. I am also thankful for Adventist Health who is committed to our mission and to Live God’s Love and to bring our mission statement alive through action. I invite you to join us next year as we travel to Zambia Africa again for the 2019 mission trip.

Armenia is a beautiful country. Here are some memorable pictures to enjoy!