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Adventist Health Glendale Partners with Pfizer on Innovative Drug Research!

Adventist Health Glendale’s Office of Integrated Research (OIR) partners with pharmaceutical companies to bring cutting-edge treatments to our community! Principal investigators are local AHGL physicians who work with the OIR and together they make up the research team. The research team is dedicated to improving the health of our community through excellence in innovative clinical research and providing promising new treatments that would otherwise not be widely available to the public.

Currently, the research team is working on upcoming oncology studies that have the potential to change the way that certain types of cancer are treated. We have partnered with Pfizer for a Triple Negative Breast Cancer study that uniquely offers targeted therapy and free tumor DNA testing. This study, called the NEOTALA Study, offers a once-a-day oral drug prior to surgery which might reduce tumor size and slow tumor growth. You can learn more on

There are two studies on the horizon, that are treatments for non-small cell lung cancer. These two studies offer a novel immunotherapy agent that will enhance the immune system to help fight cancer cells. This treatment is part of a new wave of “Precision Medicine” which will offer patients more customized care based on their genes and history.

These are advanced protocols not widely available in our market. Patients enrolled in clinical trials will meet with a study doctor on the AHGL campus and may qualify for study-related procedures and treatment at no cost. Patients enrolling in clinical trials at AHGL are encouraged to maintain their relationship with their primary oncologist, reducing the need to travel to far away facilities for cancer treatments. We’re excited to see where our research takes us!