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The Key To Readiness is Preparation

Alice Issai, the President of Adventist Health Glendale, recently shared her thoughts on the importance of preparation in a healthcare environment. She reminded us that there is one important event that calls for all of us at Adventist Health should be prepared together – The Joint Commission survey!

The Joint Commission creates quality and safety standards for healthcare organizations and provides accreditation for the highest levels of care. This means that our team at Adventist Health Glendale needs to make sure that we are “survey-ready”! Alice requested that all of us at Adventist Health Glendale collaborate with our colleagues, departments, and associates on the importance of this survey and assisting with any preparation. Since the survey is unannounced and is a real-time assessment of how we effectively and safely manage our patients, we want to be ready.

We have earned Top Performer Recognition from the Joint Commission in the past as well as The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval by demonstrating continuous compliance with its performance standards. We look forward to continuing this legacy of top performance!