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Introducing the Winners of Our Employee Giving Club’s Shark Tank!

The Employee Giving Club’s recent Shark Tank, presented by the Foundation, wasn’t quite as ominous as the TV version. Still, Eric Krueger, Jinhee Nguyen and Katy Lancaster (AKA the Sharks), proved a formidable trio to sway.

They questioned and analyzed each proposal, and at the end of the evening awarded $160,000 in funding to departments throughout the hospital, representing Employee Giving Club donations to the Catch the Wave campaign during the past year. The $160,000 was the most yet awarded in the three years of Shark Tank, according to Gayle Craig, the Foundation’s annual giving officer. The program began with $60,000 and increased to $120,000 last year.

In summary, the Sharks approved by department:

  • ED: Spectra-link phones for nurses working on shift to improve communications. Along with Cheetah Medical NICOM sensors to enable ED physicians to screen septic patients and provide the most appropriate, specific care.
  • Behavioral medicine: A replacement of original worn-out furniture from the mid-1960s when the department was opened and a significant safety improvement for patients and staff.
  • Critical care and respiratory: Airway Clearance Vest System to replace an older device which will improve patients’ lung function and promote more efficient use of respiratory muscles.
  • Laboratory: 10 phlebotomy carts
  • Case management: 10 wheelchairs
  • Critical care: Two EZ Stim nerve stimulators, two Nova Biomedical stat strips and docking stations, and 10 Exergen temporal probes.
  • ED and critical care: Two Symbio cardiac rhythm simulators.
  • Inpatient rehabilitation: EZ Way Smart Stand.
  • Speech therapy: Vital Stim Plus therapy unit.
  • Telemetry units: AccuVein Illuminator.
  • Anniversary Garden: Replacing the remaining pergola shade covering.

“A sincere thank you to our employees for their donations to the Employee Giving Club,” Gayle said. “Through your donations, you are actually giving back to the hospital to improve patient care.”