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– Colossians 3:12

BSN Rates on the Rise at AHGL

BSN Rates on the Rise at AHGL

Adventist Health Glendale (AHGL) nursing has been on a more intentional path towards increasing our Bachelor of Science Nursing (BSN) trained RNs since 2015, and we are making great progress! In 2015, 26.2 percent of our frontline nurses had BSN degrees. Are you ready for the latest 2017 stats? ….As of April 2017, 38.9 percent or 319 out of 819 RNs are BSN trained! Evidence shows that quality of care metrics, and even mortality rates, improve with a higher percentage of BSN trained RNs working at the bedside. This is likely due to additional training in critical thinking, pathophysiology, patient education, and communication.

The national goal is to have 80 percent of frontline nurses with BSN education by the year 2020. So, which units are leading the pack at AHGL? Cardiac telemetry unit, cath lab, critical care float pool, NICU, and surgical telemetry units are all at or above 50 percent BSN trained front line nurses. For new hires over the past year, 38.1 percent have had BSN degrees. We are really looking to hire RNs that have their BSNs or are already in school to obtain their BSNs. I know many of our RNs are currently in school, so I look forward to seeing the increase that will be accomplished over the next year. Great job in striving towards a new professional standard!